You become nothing by becoming everything.


Seeing is perception cutting straight into streams of energy. It often carries a visual sense associated with perceiving different forms of light, but is not itself visual in the normal sense. As it requires using the entire body, this type of awareness makes sense from kinesthetic and intuitive channels. It consists of a shift in cohesion, establishing a relationship with the environment that activates this cornerstone. For this, you need to be mindful of your connection with the world and allow a type of communion to move you beyond normal perception. You become nothing by becoming everything.

Seeing may be unique to a person in the way information becomes conscious. The structure of light may vary while the meaning remains constant, for example. Two people could see differently but arrive at the same conclusion. There seems to be common features as well. An interesting anomaly is that when a person sees during daylight, the environment becomes darker, and conversely a dark environment becomes lighter. Completely seeing another person’s energy body often translates as perceiving packages of luminosity. The energy body might appear as an oblong ball of light, and the surrounding world comprised of long strands of intense yet softly glowing light.


A preliminary to seeing is gazing, or opening up. The following steps, here described in relation to seeing, can be used to develop any mode of perception. It is a deautomatization exercise that permits the energies forming cohesion to circulate more freely and allow new perceptions to surface.
1. Relax. Try to be nonattached to anything you perceive. Let go.
2. Establish your intent to gaze.
3. Don’t focus on the world as you normally might. Don’t pick out an object then look or stare at it. Let your eyes go “soft,” unfocused, but with a steady gaze. Your sight may be directed toward a specific object, but you simultaneously expand your vision to the full periphery.
4. Feel your body merge with the world. Remain centered within your body as you connect with the external world. Feel the flow of energy.
5. Gazing at shadows is very relaxing. You can use virtually any shadow to gaze at. To elevate the level of skill, form a full pattern of shadows in the same manner you would create a tree out of branches and leaves. Instead of attending to the normal features of leaves, branches, etc., you construct the tree from the shadows within it.
6. If you see a haze or rain of light, a thin film of energy, or what looks like swirling dots, let them be. Don’t focus on them or you will pull back your prior cohesion and refocus automatically on the ordinary, physical world. You’ll restore your normal habit of viewing the world. The light is the energy world breaking into your awareness; you are seeing. Later, when you gain more experience, you will be able to focus on that energy and it won’t disappear. You will then be able to expand that world. But until you train your eyes, and your body, your old habits of perception will rule. Later, you’ll have a new set of habits and can tap the world of energy anytime, anywhere.

Seeing automatically removes the influences of models. What you do with your experiences—how you interpret them—remain another matter. You might end up building elaborate models that have no lasting effect other than halting your growth. When seeing occurs, let go of habits, including those found in models, in order to take your skills of orchestrating various energies to the next level. You find out what that is through experience.


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