Release & Recharge

By providing a means to review everything that has formed, and continues to form, your cohesion, the overriding maneuver of this technique is allowing core energy to surface.


You can’t develop new cohesions when holding on to the old. Applied to health, Biophysicist James Oschman references energetic signatures of trauma that maintain a disorder, and contends that they are resolvable. And Reiki teachings acknowledge habitual patterns that are unconsciously held and the need to resolve these emotional structures to promote healing.76

In general, you need to refresh your energy body just as you would take a shower to cleanse your physical body. Moreover, assimilation and elimination of energy is required as much as with physical-body processes. In Toltec literature, a principal means to do this is through the recapitulation.77 This consists of methodically reviewing, releasing, and recharging your energies. By providing a means to review everything that has formed, and continues to form, your cohesion, the overriding maneuver of this technique is allowing core energy to surface.

Recapitulation exercises allow you to let go of cohesion naturally, so you may then let go of worry, discomfort, and that argument you just had. It is a form of forgiveness, considering that you can’t change cohesion, and therefore your behavior, unless you let go of the old cohesion to make room for the new. Becoming-being is also a state of on-going release in that it requires letting go of the good things in life as well. You don’t turn your back on them; you release the moment that contained them. A path with heart sets the stage to allow good moments to keep occurring.

Charles Tart says that prayer is also recapitulation. As you remind yourself of your intention, he indicates that its effectiveness hinges on the amount of consciousness brought to the exercise.78 These examples lend credence to the thought that a central feature of mysticisms is that they all focus on the human condition, but how they do so is stylistic.

A shamanic variation of the recapitulation utilizing breath follows:
1. Place your chin near your right shoulder. Now move it in a smooth, sweeping motion to your left shoulder. Then back to your right shoulder.
2. Adding another piece, as you repeat step 1 inhale through your nose as you sweep from right to left, and exhale through your mouth as you sweep from left to right. That’s the simple mechanics of it. Begin again with your chin near your right shoulder.
3. As you inhale, intend your breath to pull in the energy of the event, person, or feeling under examination. Feel yourself connect with your subject of study, and then use your breath as a bridge to bring that energy into your body. To get a sense of this, pick a minor event that is still somewhat troubling to you. Save the big events for later.
4. As you tap your memories, work from the items surrounding the event, to the people involved, to your feelings. All the while, keep inhaling and exhaling as you sweep your head back and forth.
5. Let your body do the work. It knows what to do all by itself. Your part is to engage the exercise and, above all, intend the recapitulation: the review, release, and recharge. If you feel your head wants to move in a different rhythm or direction, that’s fine. Let your body be in charge, not these directions.
6. Immerse yourself in your memories without indulging. Allow yourself to fully re-live the event. If your images or thoughts move to a different subject, allow this to occur.
7. Allow the energy to dissipate of its own accord. This facilitates realigning your energy fields.
8. Get in the habit of reviewing and releasing anywhere, anytime. Even in the middle of a business conference, you can unobtrusively make one or two breathing sweeps and release energy that spontaneously surfaced. With experience, you'll find that your intent sets the recapitulation process in motion whether or not you perform the breathing sweeps. What matters most is intending the recapitulation, not the specific manner of doing so. You may then feel energy moving and releasing anytime, anywhere. When proficiency in recapitulation has been developed, it is possible to gather the full sense of the process, eliminate the steps, and then just apply intent for the same results.


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