... learning is the expansion of the first energy field ....

Learning Skills

The process of discovery is regulated by consciousness. Not all that brilliant a comment, but it takes on meaning when we look at the mechanics of it, the pulse of it. The heartbeat of learning consists of continually expanding into imagination and then contracting that awareness into practical application, a purposeful regulation of energy body cohesion.

In an energy body model, learning is the expansion of the first energy field of the known world into the second field of imagination. From another angle, it is grounding imagination in the known world, thereby increasing the conscious part of the energy body.

Presented in this section are a few exercises that allow you to discover new modes of perception and how to manage them. While basic, these are essential skills for your journey of discovery. No matter your stage of awakening, it is the basics that take you to the next stage of growth. With practice, you'll automatically learn about intentionality, the deliberate focus on energy, and this may be applied toward any endeavor.


First Section: Deautomatization