The alignment of outer and inner energies produces a certain cohesion which forms perception.


Emanations of energy arising from a single source, the source of all creation, form an underpinning of many philosophies. These packages or streams of vibrational awareness have powerful influence on the shape of the energy body and what happens within it, thereby determining the assemblage point position.23 This falls neatly within the definition of bioenergetics, as the flow and transformation of energy between the energy body and the environment is taken into consideration.

Each aspect of creation has its own emanation; there is an emanation for planets, for humans, for plants, for trees, for bugs, etc. Emanations are also energy streams emitted from any source, be it from an individual or of cosmic origin. They may be a single vibration, a bandwidth comprised of various frequencies such as the chakra energies coming together to form human life, or the emanations that bundle together to form planet Earth. Whether a single strand or a composite, an emanation carries within it the essence of a person, place, or thing. Emanations sustain your energy body as well as your environment—from your living room to multiple dimensions to all creation.

Stretching through infinity, emanations contain the realization of potential. What they contain is what they contain; what we know they contain is a different matter as this is often open to various interpretations. As one becomes more conscious of an emanation, the potential within it translates to the actual, to the usable. While some emanations directly affect the energy body, others, which exist beyond the domain of human awareness, have indirect influence; still others may have no affect whatsoever as they don’t connect, directly or indirectly, with the human band of energy.

In his groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief, cell biologist and former medical school professor Bruce Lipton provides a compelling case challenging current scientific thinking that genetics regulates cellular activity. Instead he holds that a cell’s physical and energetic environment determine genetics and cellular life. Lipton also offers consideration that both of these models result from beliefs, states of mind, not necessarily from what is actual.24

As put forth by Lipton, the field of epigenetics deals with how environment, perceptions, and beliefs affect genetic expression. This expression determines what proteins will be manufactured and how the body functions. In addition, in illuminating experimenter bias—including how experiments are designed, conducted, and interpreted—researchers have recently cited quantum entanglement to explain how the investigative model held by a person participating in an experiment is part of the environment and therefore a determinant of the experiment and its outcome.25

In addition, biophysicist James Oschman points out that we live as part of multiple environments. From intracellular chemical communication to electromagnetic fields of power connected to extraterrestrial, cosmological influences, we exist in a multitude of environments. Sound, light, and a variety of magnetic and electromagnetic fields are just part of this vast energetic landscape. It is also clear that this energetic environment affects physical health. Even a cursory look at weather changes and allergies reveals a causal connection between health and environment. Added to this, there is growing concern that human-made, energetic pollution disrupts the normal functions of the body.26

The energy body is intimately connected with its environment. You are therefore part of all that is around you, seen and unseen. The alignment of outer and inner energies produces a certain cohesion which forms perception. When your perceptions change it is due to a change in relation to the environment. Expanding your alignments increases consciousness. This leads to tapping an ever-increasing order, resulting from accessing more emanations of energy.27 Perhaps epigenetics may soon serve as another bridge to understand the many connections between self and environment.


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