Key features of the energy body are cohesion, uniformity, and the assemblage point. The auric field is an effect.

Energy Body

Looking at the energy body as a whole, the key features are cohesion, coherence, uniformity, and the assemblage point. Information on the auric field concludes this page. Two other principal aspects of the energy body are the first and second energy fields, or the right and left sides of the energy body. These are presented in more detail in the Discovery section under Learning and Imagination.


Cohesion and Coherence

Cohesion is the overall pattern of energy within the energy body. It reflects the vibrations from all of the things, the conditions that influence you, be they conscious or not. The cohesion of the energy body forms from all processes within you as well as how your external environment influences these dynamics. Your upbringing, culture, and geography, for instance, all affect cohesion, the determinant of perception.

Coherence relates to the inter-workings among all of these influences, the quality of perception or how well cohesion is formed. Relating this to neural activity, we could say cohesion represents an energetic network and coherence the degree of efficiency of communication among the pathways forming the network. Just as there are myriad arrangements of neural networks, there can be a multitude of possible energetic formations that result in a vast array of possible cohesions.

Relating this to chakras, for an example, each chakra represents something: physical, emotional, mental, etc., and carries its own dynamics, its own set of circumstances. All of these energies interact to produce coherence and form cohesion. It’s easy to see that it is quite a balancing act to choreograph many separate forms of energy so that they act cooperatively. When we add the pushes and pulls found in daily life, the task becomes seemingly overwhelming. Coherence, then, reflects the orchestration a number of influences and results in the cohesion that provides your perceptions and interpretations of reality. This results in coherent or incoherent awareness as determined by how cohesion forms. Simply, is it well-formed or not?

Coherence among brain waves reflects stability of perception. An EEG shows a pattern among bandwidths such as which is dominant, which reflects what is being perceived or one's state of consciousness. In like manner, energetic coherence influences cohesion. The dominance of a sub-cohesion, such as occupation or family life, may have dramatic effect in determining the entire cohesion. This means we need well-rounded lives in order to energetically awaken.

Applied to the physical body, scientific studies indicate that if coherence among the body’s systems reflects well-integrated and stable energies, the person probably is in good health; if coherence is weak, discord and possible illness may be evident.15 As cohesion results from all influences within and without, any energy assessment needs to take into consideration all factors, including the combined energies of the chakras, the meridians, the biological electric circuitry, and the environment. A greater understanding of all influences and how they influence each other and the whole might well be the focus of future scientific research.

Cohesion dictates meaning. It drives behavior. Your job reflects a particular cohesion, as do your family, hobbies, religious life, and every other aspect of your life, whether dysfunctional or positive. When they are in harmony, so is coherence and vice versa. Learn to manage coherence and you learn to shift your cohesion; as a result, your experience changes. Shift cohesion enough and you may enter a new worlds. The many forms cohesion takes are ultimately governed by uniformity.



Within infinity, our energy bodies exist within a certain bandwidth, as do the energy forms of other species.16 The nature of an emanation is the environment that gives birth to and sustains the organisms of that energy field. Uniformity is the attribute that provides basic shape and definition to the organism, just as the regions or specific bandwidths of the AM and FM radio frequencies each have their own nature: FM consists of higher vibrations and offers clearer reception but generally does not travel the distance that AM frequencies do. The use of one or the other depends on what you want to listen to and your location in relation to the radio transmitter. Uniformity is an overarching condition that influences perception and behavior. It molds that which is within it and therefore determines the possibilities of cohesion, which determines the possibilities of perception.

One line of thought is that the energy body was once narrow and elliptical, is now more egg-shaped, and is evolving to a pure sphere. If so, this provides another example of how uniformity, the shape of the container, affects cohesion, the conditions inside the container. Perception and behavior were more narrowly constrained in the days of old, as exemplified by the ancient Toltecs’ unrelenting emphasis on power for the sake of self-aggrandizement. In the modern era, considerations about humans residing in a multi-dimensional landscape are becoming more commonplace as uniformity expands toward a spherical shape. Medicine is becoming more holistic, and more people are waking to new modes of perception and avenues of thinking. We’re gaining breadth and depth of perception.


Assemblage point

Cohesion can be identified by the location of the assemblage point. In the same manner that an EEG map of brain waves registers coherence among various frequencies and indicates a state of consciousness, the assemblage point’s position indicates the type of coherence and cohesion.17 Out of all the possible connections of energy, and so all the possible formations of cohesion, a localized assemblage point means that awareness of something has stabilized.

The assemblage point is an area within the energy body where all the elements that go into perception come together, all the properties of coherence unify. It is a focal point, where perception is brought into focus as internal energies intersect external emanations. It is seen as a small area that is a little brighter than its surroundings. It marks what is being perceived and experienced, be it of this or other worlds. This intertwining and assembling of a number of influences focuses awareness and is the essential process of cohesion. The energetic pattern that forms, the cohesion, directs what you perceive.

It was once thought that the assemblage point determined perception rather than acting as a map-like representation of one’s state of consciousness. The term has taken root as reflected in the works of others, including groups of non-shamanic, alternative healers known as "assemblage point practitioners." While the advent of this profession is a noteworthy development, reflecting its early formation, limited research, and available literature, caution must be exercised regarding what is held to be true. Just as the early Toltecs developed the system but weren't completely accurate, the same conditions apply here as well as for any discipline.

Personal awareness originates through the pressure of external emanations of energy impinging on the energy body. This interaction produces an alignment of energy lines inside the energy body with those outside of it and  energizes a specific area of the energy body, the point where cohesion becomes focused and perception results. There are a multitude of factors influencing this process such as extent of your knowledge, personal desires, environments near and far, and your goals, to name a few, all coming together for assembly by the force delivered from emanations and cohesion acting in concert. Change cohesion and the location of the assemblage point shifts.


Looking at this another way, uniformity is the land that confines and conforms a body of water to its contours. Depending on environmental conditions, the water can be stagnant or dynamic and flowing. In like manner, the quality of your cohesion is influenced by what aspects of the environment you allow yourself to experience. This is your personal bioenergetic relationship with life.


Auric Field

Just as there are emanations that produce life, humans emit vibrations that generate what are often referred to as auras. This is the energy extending outward from an organism, and it is scientifically known that a living organism produces an electromagnetic field that propagates, or spreads, into the surrounding space.18 At the same time, scientific explanations of auras as being spurious energy may be too reductionistic by relating them solely to physical properties of energy and not take into account conditions of the energy body.

An apt analogy is that of an incandescent light bulb. The filament represents the physical body and the glass represents the outer edge of the nonphysical energy field. As the energized physical body (filament) interacts with nonphysical energies (gas inside the bulb), the entire energy body (bulb) emits energy: the aura.

Some healers associate states of health with the colors and clarity of the auric field whereas others may isolate only brightness and clarity to make their determinations.19 The aura, however, is not the energy body itself. It is the light emanating from the entire being that reflects the energetic conditions within it.


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