A natural field results from awakening the complete energy body.

Conditional and Natural Fields

Cohesion can take the form of conditional or natural energy fields: the energy of concrete form or unbounded potential within the form of the energy body. Conditional energy is generated from the stipulations humans place on themselves and the world. These hard and fast rules intertwine to develop cohesion. Reality then unfolds from what we have conditioned ourselves to perceive, an inventory to which we consistently refer. Perception is usually restricted to what we believe we are entitled to perceive as the basis of reality is unconscious conditioning.

Any given model, narrow or expansive, is a conditional field. Accordingly, for good or ill reality by any measure is contrived. The underlying conditions of a reality establish the boundaries of possibility; they form a blueprint for a complete sequence of events. But unless we actually participate with the conditions forming a reality, it remains in the realm of potential. conditional fields are maintained by reflection and projection. Only by behaving in accordance with this self referencing does it become realized.51


Another type of cohesion is the natural energy field, characterized by being. This is energy that has no form and yet contains form. Put another way, this energy can form in myriad ways, ordinary and nonordinary. As we realize potential, we grow beyond the conditions encountered at each stage of growth. Evolving to a natural field means that we have grown beyond all form particular to any reality. We can be without the context and guidance of a worldview. Having a natural field means we are fully connected to source energy: the quintessential natural field.

A natural field results from awakening the complete energy body. The further we extend the first field throughout the energy body, the closer we are to achieving this fullness. From a different angle, the more we blend the first and second energy fields through learning and imagination, the more we cultivate it.


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