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Biocog Tech focuses on research, development, and education of biocognitive technologies—cognitive and machine modalities relating to body-mind dynamics. The systems of the human energy body are of particular interest, with practical application to states of consciousness, technological innovation, education and learning, personal development, and balance with environment. The site is focused on learning as an example of applying the Cohesional Dynamics of the energy body.


Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith is the executive director of Biocog Tech. After his apprenticeship to Toltec shaman Juan Matus, he served on the staff of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, part of the Edgar Cayce legacy, and the staff of The Monroe Institute, founded by sound and consciousness researcher Robert Monroe. Leaving a career in the book industry as the vice president of sales and marketing of a publishing company in order to study scientific perspectives and technologies of healing, Ken now serves as the communications director of Beech Tree Labs, Inc. (, a discovery and early-stage development biopharmaceutical company, and as the executive director of Beech Tree's sister company, The Institute for Therapeutic Discovery (, a non-profit organization focused on bridging biochemistry and biophysics. He has authored several books and magazine articles which are listed in Publications.



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