Biocog Tech focuses on research, development, and education of biocognitive technologies — cognitive and machine modalities relating to body-mind dynamics. The systems of the human energy body are of particular interest.

Biocognitive Technologies

A combination of cognition, technology, and bioenergetics, biocognitive technology is a class of technology comprised of systems and, in some instances, devices to harness body-mind interactions. While all technologies are sparked by awareness, by our ability to be aware, biocognitive technologies deliberately harness consciousness itself. From the philosophical technologies of the classic mysticisms to healing modalities to methods of accelerating learning, biocognitive technologies utilize our innate resources to expand awareness and purposefully enhance our lives.

Herein, bioenergetics is focused on the human energy body. Some of this information reflects time-honored teachings of the energy body, a natural part of our anatomy, and the energy body's relation to cognition, or how it is that we know and understand. Toltec shamanism carries particular weight. This branch of shamanism flourished in Mexico some 5,000 to 7,000 years ago. The findings of its practitioners, who were quite adept at exploring consciousness, have been making their way into the light of contemporary times. In addition to shamanism, aspects of Taoism, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, and the knowledge of other traditions also serve to increase our understanding of the energy body and how to use it. Tempered by scientific inquiry, knowledge of the energy body has been recast into a modern format.

As with any technology, biocognitive technology embodies principles, systems, sub-systems, purpose, and means of application. The sections and pages of the site are arranged in a fashion to facilitate this understanding. This site also illustrates using technology as a means to quicken learning, and this goal serves as an example of biocognitive technologies.